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Praxis is the European Centre for Project/Internship Excellence. This Centre for Excellence was created and is being run by the Praxis network, a consortium of higher education institutions, companies, associations, research labs and chambers of commerce, all committed to enhance your Project/Internship experience and to promote innovation in the field.

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OEAD’e-news Ausgabe 10, 2015

Diese Ausgabe des OEAD e-news behandelt die Themen: International Lectures | 19.5.2015 Neue Leitung des OeAD-Kooperationsbüros / Austrian Center Shanghai Neue OeAD-Informationsstelle in Baku, Aserbaidschan Ausschreibung: Outgoing-Stipendien für Japan Alumni Map der Universität Wien ist online Konferenz “Investing in Skills” inkl. Procurement | 15.-16-6.2015 Wissen schaf[f]t Zukunft Preis 2015 Aktuelles aus grants.at