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Accross the USA by Train

It’s already summer, so maybe you are thinking what to do in your free time. Are you adventurous? It’s also possible to travel across the USA by train. Derek Low is an adventure traveller and entrepreneur, who wanted to try out this lifetime experience once and now it’s time to have a look at it,…

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Uniplaces Scholarship to live rent-free

A rent-free semester sounds good, right? Apply for the Uniplaces Scholarship and be the one who will get enough money to pay the accomodation costs for one semester. Be creative and break down the barriers! Submit with a text or a video! Register at the platform of Uniplaces and share it with your friends!

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Travel Solo

The world is a very nice place and you can explore it the most if you travel alone, because you will meet a lot of kind strangers, who will help you in everything. Of course, you are afraid of everything: “How can I do it alone? Am I strong enough to make it true?” Let’s…

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Erasmus Life Lisboa

Erasmus Life Lisboa is a non-profit organisation founded by a couple of Portuguese students, who were also formal Erasmus students. They had the best part in their life, they experienced so many cool things, so after they returned home, they decided to do something for the future Erasmus generation. That’s the reason why they would like…

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Travel and Emotions

It is not enough to decide: “Now, I am going abroad”. There is also the financial situation. Can I really afford it? There are a lot of books, blogs etc. about it and you can prepare your trip around the world easily. The thing is, what you will never know until you go, how you…