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Study Abroad Issue

The Wessex Scene is a student’s magazine of the University of Southhampton in the United Kingdom, which has got a Study Abroad Issue. If you need some recommendations because you don’t know the answer to this question: Study or not study abroad? Have a look at it and you will find a lot of useful…

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To Do List After Erasmus

You arrived home after your Erasmus semester abroad and you don’t know what to do with your life. Don’t worry! It is going to be easy, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you! For example, you can share your experiences at your home university with the future students. It is always amazing to…

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Tourists vs. Travellers

Are you a tourist or a traveller? Maybe it is very hard to answer this question. It depends on where you are and of course on the time and the money. The travellers want to seperate themselfes from the tourists. Read this post and find it out which group you belong to.

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Teach for Austria #teachforaustria

Teach For Austria ist eine unabhängige und gemeinnützige Initiative, die bessere Bildungs- und Zukunftschancen für Kinder und Jugendliche aus sozioökonomisch benachteiligten Familien schafft. Teach For Austria trägt aktiv dazu bei, dass sich jedes Kind gemäß seiner Stärken entfalten kann, unabhängig von Bildung, Einkommen oder Herkunft der Eltern.

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#MyErasmusCrib Contest

Have you ever were thinking about what could the walls of a house tell? Just think about your Erasmus semester abroad: a lot of house parties, drinking on the balcony, international dinners, playing music with friends and so on. The list can never end. Share your best memories with the world and win the #MyErasmusCrib…

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The beauty of Asia

Asia. Good weather. Spicy food. Sunshine. Friendly people. Hot. Beaches and islands. Amazing places. What else do you need? Anastasia Sazonova went to Asia and luckily she wrote about her experiences. Read her story and get inspired. I am sure after you read it, you will start to pack your clothes into your backpack. Have…