2SMILE Project

Since 2008 all European Educational Systems appear to use a Learning Outcomes Approach. Adopting a Learning Outcomes Approach when developing curricula is seen by many European countries as an effective way to promote more active learning and inclusive teaching. However, so far only Vocational Educational Training (VET) and Higher Education (HE) have used the effectiveness of […]

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Internationalisation and student diversity – Is it really happening?

Different studies have proved that internationalisation is beneficial for students. However, it must be clear that, when talking about internationalisation, it doesn’t only focus on welcoming international students and helping them with their possible doubts and problems. It is also a question of integration, in which both domestic and international students feel that they really […]

Reisebericht mit Lehrlingen der T1C und Z1C nach Frankreich

Die Busreise mit 28 Lehrlingen (21 Tischler/innen und 7 Zimmerer, erstes Lehrjahr) dauerte von Mittwochnachmittag, 10. April bis Samstagabend, 13. April 2019. Zwei Übernachtungen in Straßburg und eine Übernachtung in Verdun. Motivation meinerseits, diese spezielle Reise nach Frankreich zu organisieren, ist die Wahl zum Europaparlament am Sonntag, 26. Mai 2019 und die Wahrnehmung der Europäischen […]