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Internship in Indonesia

It’s summer now, time to decide what to do! Experience Indonesia, while doing an internship there! Make a successful summer, do something new, build up your future! The website of Internship Indonesia can help you to find a very good internship in a lot of different places. Interested? 

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Traineeships at CEDEFOP

Are you looking for a paid traineeship? You are on the right way! Have a look at the traineeships offered by the European Center for Development of Vocational Training. 15 open spots are waiting for you! So if you have a university diploma and you are from the European Union or a candidate country, don’t hesitate…

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Jobs by Accenture

Do you want to work in Central or Eastern Europe? Accenture gives you the opportunity to find a good job there! They are searching also from beginners, so don’t worry, you don’t have to be a specialist to start your own career!

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Are you thinking about starting a new chapter in your life? What are you waiting for? The team of the ERASMUSINTERN is working on it, that you find your perfect way! They collected a lot of internship vacancies from all over the world. Think international, grab your backpack and let’s do it!

Being Abroad

Being a part of the European Union has got a lot of pros, for example we have the opportunity of studying, doing a training or working abroad without any borders. Many people have already used this chance and live abroad. What do you need to know before you leave your home country?