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Mobility scoreboard

Mobility scoreboard is a higher education background report. It has been produced to support the European Commission’s to developed the follow up on the 2011 ‘Youth on the Move’ Recommendation of the Council of the European Union promoting the learning mobility of young people.

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Barcelona Education Change

II. International Symposium from 27th – 31th of March 2017. The venue is in Barcelona, at the Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sport Sciences Blanquerna and Innovative schools of Barcelona, inculding the network of Jesuites Educacio and the Col-legi Monsterrat. 

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Liminality & Educational Entrepreneurship BLOG

LEEN is a blog about liminality and educational enterpreneurship. Patricia Huion, the educational entrepreneur and coordinator of LEEN from Belgium was in Austria at the Come2Graz International Week from the 9th til the 13th of May. She wrote a very interesting article about it with the titel Reflections from a Steirischer Wiener Schnitzel on ”fail, fail again, fail…