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DAAD Veranstaltung: Internationalisierung der Lehrerausbildung

„Wie lässt sich das Lehramtsstudium internationaler gestalten? Das ist das Thema einer Veranstaltung des DAAD am 02. November 2016 in Berlin. Auslandssemester und -praktika spielen dabei ebenso eine Rolle, wie Doppelstudiengänge oder die “Internationalisierung at home”. Neben Praxisbeispielen deutscher Hochschulen und Workshops bietet die Veranstaltung auch Einblicke in Internationalisierungsansätze in der Lehrerausbildung anderer europäischer Länder.“ […]

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The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Youth & Student Organisation (IGLYO) is a pan European network, working with over 95 LGBTQI youth and student organisations. It is run for and by young people.

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VIVES Fulltime English Programme: Advanced Bachelor International Management

The Advanced Bachelor International Management of Vives University College will launch a full-time programme (12 months) taught in English from September 2016. This programme will co-exist with the Dutch-English programme. The programme is designed for recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree or young professionals who wish to develop their career in an international environment and are […]

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#GuLL Conference

On the 22-23 September 2016 the „Please make mistakes” conference will be held in Budapest, Hungary. The Erasmus+ project „Guerrilla Literacy Learners” brings together several stakeholders to discuss the mistery of mistake-making while learning a language (and not only!). The aim is to foster literacy remedial strategies through the adoption of different techniques already used in narrative coaching, art […]