Accenture (CC BY 2.0 by Ricardo Ricote Rodríguez/

Jobs by Accenture

Do you want to work in Central or Eastern Europe? Accenture gives you the opportunity to find a good job there! They are searching also from beginners, so don’t worry, you don’t have to be a specialist to start your own career!

Being Abroad

Being a part of the European Union has got a lot of pros, for example we have the opportunity of studying, doing a training or working abroad without any borders. Many people have already used this chance and live abroad. What do you need to know before you leave your home country?

Finland (CC BY 2.0 by Jafar Alnasser/

Be a teacher in Finland

The municipality of Merikarvia is a dynamic small rural community of 3000 inhabitants in southwestern Finland. The educational sector of municipality searches  teacher or youth worker trainees for its school (all grades from elementary to college). Working language is English. 

Cyprus (CC BY 2.0 by michieru/

Traineeship in Cyprus

Do you want to work abroad? Let’s start! Cyprus University of Technology is informing you about a number of Traineeship positions related to administrative activities as well as research and laboratory based work in its various departments.