2SMILE Project

Since 2008 all European Educational Systems appear to use a Learning Outcomes Approach. Adopting a Learning Outcomes Approach when developing curricula is seen by many European countries as an effective way to promote more active learning and inclusive teaching. However, so far only Vocational Educational Training (VET) and Higher Education (HE) have used the effectiveness of […]

Europe (CC BY-SA 2.0 by Charles Clegg/https://www.flickr.com/photos/glasgowamateur/7892308660/in/photolist-d2q9pf-Hv8jKF-r8XwPU-9WRTdS-bdNwVT-7o5Y5M-7kAUr8-bfEaw2-a1YhBY-5YNTrB-7ojPAL-63KAeP-7v9Ceh-7q5Sua-8U6XAz-5ZxNBo-5bBnrS-9rSjPD-dYy9wE-hKYBsZ-QZP9F-55QN5S-5ksAiX-7cojjJ-dAsmQX-54kbk6-6NaPSB-7941E8-bnpXY4-6XpF6b-dXp2Ft-55QPoh-6NP8d6-7fV6fG-4GkbnH-bo1UfR-6PAwLh-7ocCzG-5oVXCk-8QjxUV-HHQXZw-drSWS6-M8D21n-doCWBX-H72fmx-7La1Cf-Brm2wB-qtJB3a-cA1u51-oAmwBB)

My Europe, my rights

“My Europe, my rights” photo competition will be organised by the European Socialist Group. Would you like to win a trip to Brussels and photographic equipment? Can you show us in a picture what does Europe in term of rights mean to you? Take part in the competition and send your picture until June 30th, […]