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To Do List After Erasmus

You arrived home after your Erasmus semester abroad and you don’t know what to do with your life. Don’t worry! It is going to be easy, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you! For example, you can share your experiences at your home university with the future students. It is always amazing to…

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Tourists vs. Travellers

Are you a tourist or a traveller? Maybe it is very hard to answer this question. It depends on where you are and of course on the time and the money. The travellers want to seperate themselfes from the tourists. Read this post and find it out which group you belong to.

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The beauty of Asia

Asia. Good weather. Spicy food. Sunshine. Friendly people. Hot. Beaches and islands. Amazing places. What else do you need? Anastasia Sazonova went to Asia and luckily she wrote about her experiences. Read her story and get inspired. I am sure after you read it, you will start to pack your clothes into your backpack. Have…

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Accross the USA by Train

It’s already summer, so maybe you are thinking what to do in your free time. Are you adventurous? It’s also possible to travel across the USA by train. Derek Low is an adventure traveller and entrepreneur, who wanted to try out this lifetime experience once and now it’s time to have a look at it,…

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Travel Solo

The world is a very nice place and you can explore it the most if you travel alone, because you will meet a lot of kind strangers, who will help you in everything. Of course, you are afraid of everything: “How can I do it alone? Am I strong enough to make it true?” Let’s…

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Travel and Emotions

It is not enough to decide: “Now, I am going abroad”. There is also the financial situation. Can I really afford it? There are a lot of books, blogs etc. about it and you can prepare your trip around the world easily. The thing is, what you will never know until you go, how you…

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Travel by train!

Ryan had the pleasure of riding the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and it was such a big experience for him, that he decided to collect for you, why you really need to travel by train across Europe. Imagine how cool is it just looking out from the window and watching the beautiful landscape while travelling trough a…

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What can you do in Graz?

Austria is the 3rd safest country in the world (The Global Peace Index 2016), where you can find our beloved city, Graz, which is a perfect city to live, to study and to explore. Are you planning to go there and don’t have any idea what to visit? Check out some recommendations and have fun! Graz…

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Travel Europe like a local

Do you need any tipps what to do in the different countries while traveling around Europe? Did you know that french people don’t hug each other and they don’t even have a word for “hug”? Maybe it’s better if you know some rules, before entering a new place. Use these tipps and tricks if you…