10 reasons to study in Setúbal

Setúbal (Poco a poco CC by 2.0 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Plaza_del_ayuntamiento,_Set%C3%BAbal,_Portugal,_2012-05-11,_DD_02.JPG)
Setúbal (Poco a poco CC by 2.0 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Plaza_del_ayuntamiento,_Set%C3%BAbal,_Portugal,_2012-05-11,_DD_02.JPG)


  1. THE CITY of Setúbal is really nice. You are able to reach everything by foot and it’s wonderful to have a walk through “Avenida Luisa Todi”. There are many cute cafés, very good and cheap restaurants and also nice bars. All supermarkets and shops are close. If you are lucky you are able to seedolphins. Fishermen told me, that especially when the tide is high, they are coming close to the harbour. Also, there is a small, but nice beach in Setúbal.
  2. Lisbon is very close. From Setúbal, there are very good and cheap connection to travel to the capital of Portugal. Lisbon with its different districts, which all have their special characteristics, is a very interesting city and always worth a visit. If you like it more calmed and non-touristic, you go back to Setúbal.
  3. CHOCO FRITO and PASTEL DE NATA! You don’t know what that is? These are two very traditional and popular specialties, people from Setùbal love. Not for no reason…
  4. THE UNIVERSITY of Setúbal (IPS, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal) is just 7 train-minutes away from the city. The building is really “special” and all the professors are nice. Other Portuguese students are really helpful and friendly. I already was in good contact with the university before I came here. Ana Dias, the Erasmus coordinator from IPS, is really helpful in every matter and trying to solve every problem as quick as possible.
  5. ACCOMMODATION – I found my flat already two month before I went to Portugal. Renter and flats in the city can be found on the facebook group (for the current Erasmus Semester) or with the help of the university. There is also the possibility to rent a room in the students residence. These ones are near to the university, but I would recommend renting a flat in the city, because “everything happens there”.
  6. You can go surfing! Just take the bus to Costa da Caparica, put on a wetsuit, grab a surfboard and catch some waves…
  7. Coffee is so cheap. The price varies from café to café but the popular “bica” (Espresso) just costs about 40 Cents. That’s good, so you can always afford a Pastel de Nata or a chocolate croissant as well….
  8. SCHOOL PRACTICE – We had the possibility to visit a primary school here in Setúbal. During three days of observation, we got an insight in how a school in Portugal works. It was really interesting to see the differences to the Austrian school system. I could also pick up some new ideas. The “internship” was organized when I was already here. Again, Ana Dias will help with everything.
  9. Arrábida – the national park in the district of Setúbal is just amazing. A wonderful Coastline and beautiful beaches – a place where you should have been once in your life.
  10. Troia – The peninsula of Setùbal can be reached by taking the ferry, the catamaran or the kajak (if you are sporty…). Going to Troia always feels like a short holiday. Now, in May it is a very quiet island with beaches as far as the eye can see.

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