AISEC (Image CC by Daniel Übleis)
AISEC (Image CC by Daniel Übleis)

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth movement, partnering with international institutions or companies such as the UN and Microsoft. We seek to develop leadership in each young person of the world in order to create a promising future.

We believe that we can achieve this by sending people abroad to work in social projects or do professional internships where they can learn about themselves, develop soft and hard skills, gain working experience, empower others and develop features such as being solution-oriented.

We offer 3 different exchange programmes:

  • Global Volunteer

A social project in one of the 126 countries where AIESEC is operating.


  • Global Entrepreneur

A professional internship in a start-up anywhere in the 126 operating countries.


  • Global Talent

A professional internship based on a legal contract with the corresponding company in one of the 126 operating countries.

  • Duration: 3-18 months
  • Fields: (mostly) Marketing, Sales, IT, business
  • Requirements: BA, MA, PhD or any other title of higher education, under 30 years old
  • Read more http://aiesec.at/students/intern-abroad/

AIESEC offers unique chances for young people who want to differentiate themselves from others and go for a bigger goal, who are motivated & enthusiastic and are eager to learn something new and develop themselves.

If you want to know more about us, our opportunities or just general information contact us

  • via facebook: aiesec.at
  • via mail: jessernig@aiesec.at
  • during our office hours at RESOWI EG G/E every Tuesday & Thursday from 11am to 1pm

by Katharina Jessernig

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