Apor Vilmos Catholic College Erasmus+

Course (CC BY 2.0 by Alper Cugun/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/alper/9378181639/in/photolist-fhHCET-o5aRwW-7zATwc-oynTEL-o5bKYt-2fsFEG-6jodb-3Xw3PN-ah6L5L-4Vdd5r-4Vd9Vz-4VdbyF-4Vhmuq-vrPhp-9Rfctn-9Ri5vy-5eK3ro-9Rfark-obHoMS-mYTGBN-3cXDtu-qjCufZ-eNFmDs-z8Vjdv-dp1q5c-7GZLEv-cnpx9Y-avV3mT-4wcG7h-7YoKfL-aWaTEK-mUY6AZ-7YoLJq-81pv6T-83azLR-8z1Tav-frdKsS-6LEG3B-3XrQbe-i3WbZx-5M93Px-6SPxgf-7GZLJR-81sHyo-7GZLKM-81sHJS-gwD39R-7H4FXm-7mjBuA-6L9KLA)
Course (CC BY 2.0 by Alper Cugun/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/alper)

Value-Oriented Education in the 21st Century, International Erasmus+ Semester at the Apor Vilmos Catholic College, Vac, Hungary. During the semester students will learn about each other’s culture and education system, the Hungarian and other nation’s teacher and preschool teacher training.

It takes 12 weeks long in the Spring semester of 2016/17. The international students will be in one group together with Hungarian students. The programme is practice.oriented. 30 ECTS can be acquired. The accomodation will be provided in a dormatory.


  • Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Language and Literature
  • Music and Church Music
  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Art, Visual Education and Sport
  • School Experience

Application deadline: 1 December 2016


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