Be the face of #Erasmus30 Competition in Hungary

In Graz ( Picture by Viktoria Szekendi)
In Graz ( Picture by Viktoria Szekendi)
What I got from Erasmus+? I could tell you about my experiences more than one hour. To be honest I grew up. It was the best decision of my life. One of my greek friend told me: “Erasmus has it’s ups and downs“ – this is totally true.
If you begin your semester abroad, you will get homesick, you will cry a lot, there will be a lot of problems, but you will learn a lot from them and in the end you find out, how to be strong alone. If somebody asks you, why should you go on Erasmus, just say easily: why not? Believe me, you can just win! As you know: „Once Erasmus, always Erasmus.“ If I wouldn’t be a part of this amazing programme, I would have never been the person, who I am now. Thank you!
I really would like to be one of the faces of #Erasmus30 in Hungary.
Flora Bodrogi

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