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Denmark (CC BY 2.0 by Nelson L./https://www.flickr.com/photos/joaosemmedo/14676995366/in/photolist-omXrof-ocbMZg-ocXbZn-oapFNX-o8zh6s-o1qxi4-oAoHLA-aR3Y1X-apmoqx-oQWi6y-oruUW1-o3XSr5-nPynDL-ojSakM-nTyBjt-ogY79w-oM2eXd-74XYsP-nL5jRe-74ADin-oA3PZr-o7Bs2j-fBqWLc-o6kR1B-oP9ct9-odsL6P-sMe92-EaME6-puE741-nDFyv-o5m9RF-4s4wPn-awVzzp-oDkcv1-7Qf6Qw-scC1a-gfUYcV-cicLoN-BtmTmr-robJw9-nPYMNm-qZNKR-FFnuf-qMjmFt-baHNdx-gn32Hc-2TWLWf-uin7jp-5gLnh9-4ieTRA)
Denmark (CC BY 2.0 by Nelson L./https://www.flickr.com/photos/joaosemmedo)

Do you want to study abroad? There are a lot of possibility to visit some good international courses at the University College South Denmark in the spring and autumn semester.

Spring and Autumn Semester:

  • Crossing borders

Atumn semester:

  • English and Marketing Communication
  • Inclusive Practice

Spring semester:

  • Living and Learning Together
  • Modern Market Communication
  • Reaching for the Stars

Full degree:

  • English and IT-based Market Communication
  • Teacher Education

International Office

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