Come2Graz – International Week 2019

Comenius Association Conference – 21st Century Skills

22nd – 26th October – We are happy to invite you to the Come2Graz – International Week 2019 in the framework of the annual Comenius Association Autumn Meeting at the University College of Teacher Education Styria in October 2019.

Comenius Association Autumn Meeting: Tuesday 22/10 – Thursday 24/10 (CA members only).
Comenius Association Conference – Education in the 21st Century: Thursday 24/10 – Friday 25/10.

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The conference addresses the topic Education in the 21st Century including the “Four Cs”: creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Solving problems, alternative patterns of thinking, working together to achieve a goal, and being able to convey ideas and concepts are believed to be essential skills for modern learners as they will strengthen their ability to find their place professionally, personally and socially.

The Conference day will take place on Friday the 25th of September 2019 at Campus South, Ortweinplatz 1, 8010 Graz.

Prof. emer. Mag. Eva Werner, hon.prof., Rector emer. IMC FH Krems, Austria, will present her keynote “Educate locally – think and act globally – Internationalisation of the curriculum and competence development”.

The presentation will show how HEI can integrate international and intercultural elements into their curricula and thus foster the development of the so-called skills of the 21st century with their students.
There will be 15 workshops, presentations, poster and research presentations.

Keynote and Workshops

Anmeldungen zur Keynote und den Workshops PHSt intern für Studierende und Lehrende: Mo., 07.10. bis Fr., 18.10.2019 über PH-Online „Come2Graz – International Week“ auf deiner/Ihrer persönlichen Visitenkarte.

The Institute of Diversity Studies and International Relations is looking forward to seeing you in Graz in October!

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