Come2Graz – International Week at the University College of Teacher Education Styria – 23.10.2019

Photo: Marlene Grabner

On Wednesday, October 23, the International Week day was mainly focused on carrying out Comenius sessions, in which the international guests were encouraged to participate and share their views.

Photo: Marlene Grabner
Photo: Marlene Grabner

Following the Austrian welcoming spirit, all the international guests were also invited to taste typical cakes, as well as to try some styrian food, like Schnitzel or Käsespätzle.

Photo: Marlene Grabner

The afternoon ended up with an optional invitation to visit one of the most distinguished buildings in Graz, the Opera, to watch Don Carlo, from Giuseppe Verdi. The audience could sing and cheer along, which made it a marvelous ending of the day.


From October 22 until October 26, 2019, the University College of Teacher Education Styria will host the Come2Graz – International Week 2019, in the framework of the annual Comenius Association Autumn Meeting.

The Comenius Association organizes international weeks throughout the year all around Europe, regarding different topics, in which all students or staff members from member institutions can take part. (Source http://www.associationcomenius.org/spip.php?article50)

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