Come2Graz – International Week at the University College of Teacher Education Styria – 24.10.2019

Photo: Marlene Grabner

On Thursday, October 24, Susanne Linhofer, Head of Institute for Diversity Studies and International Relations, introduced the Austrian education system and teacher education to the guests. The aim of this presentation was to give them an idea of how the system works before the upcoming activity, which was visiting some schools in Graz.

Thus, the third day of the International Week continued with the school visits to both the Praxisvolksschule der PH Steiermark and the Praxis-Neue Mittelschule der PH Steiermark. There, the international guests could get an overview of the Austrian educational environment through the introduction of the schools, the attendance to the lectures as well as the conversations with teachers and pupils.

After an enriching but long morning, there was a short stop at a typical Austrian restaurant to recharge and gain some strength. It was another opportunity to get to taste typical food from the place and show the international guests the many great things that Austria has to offer.

Photo: Marlene Grabner

Following the lunch break, there was time to work in groups before the welcoming session in the evening at the main building of the University College of Teacher Education Styria, which came to an end with a buffet dinner for all the guests who wanted to join in.

Photo: Marlene Grabner


From October 22 until October 26, 2019, the University College of Teacher Education Styria will host the Come2Graz – International Week 2019, in the framework of the annual Comenius Association Autumn Meeting.

The Comenius Association organizes international weeks throughout the year all around Europe, regarding different topics, in which all students or staff members from member institutions can take part. (Source http://www.associationcomenius.org/spip.php?article50)

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