Consequences of a no-deal Brexit for UK students and volunteers

European Union flag (CC BY 2.0 Yanni Koutsomitis)

A no-deal Brexit seems to be the most likely option after the UK House of Commons did not approve the Withdrawal Agreement from The European Union, neither on January 15 nor on March 12 2019. Therefore, decisions were to be made.

In case the House of Commons approves the Withdrawal Agreement at the end of March, the European Union will agree to make the Brexit official on May 22. However, if during that third occasion an agreement is not possible, the extension will last only until April 12.

Within other aspects, the EU has considered how to deal with the Erasmus+ students that are currently doing a semester abroad, deciding the following: all the stays that have begun before the Brexit won’t be affected by the changes, but the students will receive their grants or funds just as under normal circumstances.   

Nevertheless, after the Brexit becomes official, the Erasmus+ program may suffer changes for UK students and volunteers. For those interested in a stay abroad, the European Commission offers important information through the following document: https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/factsheet-studying-volunteering-no-deal_en.pdf

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