Digital Citizenship Education

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Digital Media (Lucelia Ribeiro CC by 2.0 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Children_at_school_(8720604364).jpg )

Over the last decade the Council of Europe has been working to educate children in the importance of safety and protection in the digital environment. However, given the evolution of digital technologies and social media and their role in people’s daily life, it is important to know not just how to use them safely, but how to make the most of their use in order to acquire the skills and competences to become a digital citizen.

For that reason, the Steering Committee for Educational Policy and Practice (CDPPE) of the Council of Europe launched a project under the name “Digital Citizenship Education” in 2016. The objective of this is to use education as means of enabling children to become proper digital citizens.

The Committee of Ministers is encouraging its 47 member states to develop and promote digital citizenship education, so that students can benefit from its many positive aspects, such as new access and inclusion opportunities, educational opportunities in different fields of study without gender stereotypes or digital awareness.

For more information about the Digital Citizenship Education Project: https://www.coe.int/en/web/digital-citizenship-education/digital-citizenship-education-project

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