E-Twinning TTI project spring term 2020: Erasmus+ InComics: »Erasmus Life«

Are you interested to join the Erasmus+ InComics project on eTwinning!

Erasmus+ InComics: »Erasmus Life« is an example of recent products of Erasmus Incoming students at the University College of Teacher Education Styria (UCTE Styria). They show first impressions and the experiences of Erasmus students in a creative way. The in-tense feelings and first experiences are communicated beyond all language barriers via digital media. Nowadays, creating and publishing comics is very simple. Web 2.0 tools help produce, edit and publish comics online. These sites contain a lot of useful images and tools to create comics.

Activity 0 (Teacher educators only): Setting up the eTwinning project/twinnspace (Teacher educators only). Students registration in eTwinning. Setting up the Pixton workspace

Activity 1: Collecting students names for pixton (March 2020; individual task, list in eTwinning). Generating useraccounts and logins for the Pixton classroom. Sharing the useraccounts on eTwinning  

Activity 2: Designing the personal avatar (April 2020; individual task)

Activity 3: Creating the Erasmus+ InComics “Erasmus Life” (April 2020; individual task in Pixton). Sharing the comics in eTwinning. Reviewing the comics. Improving the comics, correcting the texts (It has not yet been decided how this will be implemented.) Publishing the comic on the Erasmus+ Journal.  

Activity 4: Creating the Erasmus+ InComics “Erasmus Impact” (Mai 2020; group/peer task)

Examples https://www.erasmus-journal.eu/tag/erasmus-incomic/

Contact: heiko.vogl@phst.at

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