Education and Training in the EU: supporting teachers is critical to build the European Education Area

(CC BY 2.0 Nicolas Raymond)

Last month, the European Commission published the 2019 Education and Training Monitor, which analyses how education and training evolve in the EU and its Member States.

This year’s Education and Training Monitor focuses on teachers, and the results show a progress when it comes to important EU education and training targets. However, it also focuses on the need to better support teachers on their work. Tibor Navrasics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, says that it is necessary to invest in education and, more specifically, in teachers, because they are the ones who can make an educational reform succeed. And, even though a great improvement has been achieved, “more work lies ahead.”

The survey shows the teacher’s need for training, in order to deal with matters such as teaching students with special needs or using ICT. Besides, the Monitor stands for ensuring an appropriate number of teachers in the system, as well as a properly training and motivation to carry out their tasks.

Focusing on Austria, the survey highlights the following aspects:

“To avoid teacher shortages, Austria needs to attract enough students into initial teacher education and improve continuing professional development. Investment in higher education aims to improve the study environment. Improving digital competence is a priority in the education and training system. Discontinued recent reforms may weaken efforts to integrate students with migrant backgrounds and to improve education outcomes of students from a socially disadvantaged background.”

For more information about the 2019 Education and Training Monitor: https://ec.europa.eu/education/policy/strategic-framework/et-monitor_en

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