Erasmus+: 3 years later

Willkommen in der Welt einer Erasmus-Studentin (Foto von Sara Bodrogi)
Willkommen in der Welt einer Erasmus-Studentin (Foto von Sara Bodrogi)

Erasmus is a wonder! It is very hard to describe what is the meaning of this word for me. First of all it taught me, that everything is possible. Don’t forget, if you believe in something the universe will help you to arrange your goal!

I am from a very small town in Hungary and I landed in Graz, in Austria. First I was an Erasmus student in the summer semester 2013/14 at the University College of Teacher Education Styria in this amazing city, which was definitely the best decision of my life.

After I finished my studies, I came back in autumn 2015 and I did my Erasmus internship at the same institution at the Institute of Diversity Managamenet and International Relations. Luckily I got a job there in the office afterwards, so I am still here and I am enjoying to learn a lot of new things from my colleagues and the international students.

Actually I met a lot of people, who motivated me, I saw the students, who arrived for the first time to this city, I saw, how shy they were and how they opened their mind. We laughed and cryed together. We are trying to do our best with my collegaues every day to make their semester abroad an unforgettable period of their life!

What I got from Erasmus? I found my second home! I got a job that I love! I grew up as an independent woman! I know that I can solve all of my problems alone, but if I need any help, I have people around me, who are always there for me! I learned that the family is the most important, I never could have arranged it without the support of my family! I found a lot of international friends and I built up my international network!

It is a pleasure for me to be one of the faces of Erasmus30 in Hungary, so I will represent the Erasmus students for one year, what I would have never ever imagined before! The first exercise was a photoshooting in Budapest and I am looking forward to the upcoming interesting events, where I can share my story and experiences!



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