Erasmus+: A deep influence to your life and yourself

Arianna (Image CC by Arianna Cavaliere)
Arianna (Image CC by Arianna Luisa Cavaliere)

Come to an Erasmus because you can’t imagine how deeply it may influence your life and yourself. In Graz I learned different things and I also explored/developed different parts of my personality. Now I’m less worried about the future and more flexible and relaxed in professional and private relationships.

In these months I learnt to dare more in life, as dreams and wishes that seem out of reach at a first glance can often be accomplished through hard work and help from the outside. I dared apply for an Erasmus and received help from the European Union, I dared ask my mentor teacher at the internship school in Graz to visit a Waldorfschule and I could be a host there in two different school days. I am also more tolerant and open- minded. I thought the Italian cooking was the best in the world, but now I see that there are different cooking styles and habits, and also different tastes. Sometimes we should stop putting things in a ranking list and start taking a multiple perspective. Getting in touch with other cultures means discovering other possible ways of conceiving and living life.

Come to Graz to acquire competences for life and work, to grow up. I am already planning to come back after graduating in Italy. How is it possible that I haven’t left Graz yet and I already want to come back?

Arianna Luisa Cavaliere, Erasmus Incoming at the University College of Teacher Education Styria


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