Erasmus by train

Newsletter (Bildquelle Tony Hegewald / pixelio.de)
Newsletter (Bildquelle Tony Hegewald / pixelio.de)

Erasmus by train is a student-led initiative which aims to link the Erasmus and Interrail programmes for a mor sustainable and united Europe.

Erasmus is the largest exchange programme in the world, a symbol of Europe. In 2019 more than 335 000 students went abroad and unfortunately only one fourth of them did not travel by plane. The whole planet finds itself in the middle of a climate cricis and the idea of this iniciative is to get a free interrail ticket to every Erasmus student to travel sustainably from and to their Erasmus destination.

To find out more see the link erasmusbytrain.eu or watch an introdution youtube video. You can also get involved!

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