Erasmus+ DIGITAL – Digitalisation of the Erasmus+ programme

Devices (Pixabay License)

The digitalisation of the Erasmus+ programme is one of the European Commission’s main objectives from 2021. Some digital initiatives are already being tested, such as the European Student Card or the Erasmus Without Paper, aiming to officially implement them next year.

The following article focuses on the importance of German universities to be prepared to implement all these digital initiatives. That’s why the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation (NA DAAD) is building up a network of Erasmus+ digital experts to help with this implementation at a European level.

For more information about the Erasmus+ digitalisation initiatives (Text in German): https://eu.daad.de/programme-und-hochschulpolitik/erasmusplusdigital/de/75557-erasmusdigital/

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