Erasmus+ InComic – Party hard or go home (or both)

Erasmus+ InComic © Angie Prat Méndez 


Like any Friday, after dinner our group starts drinking and dancing before going
to the disco. It was being a great night, crazy and fun, we were dancing at the disco when
suddenly… Inma, a friend, breaks her ankle while dancing. At first it was all laughter, even
her, but then she hurt and preferred to go home to rest and put ice. She did not want to go
to the hospital in that moment, it was 3 a.m. in the night and she was tired, she just wanted
to sleep. The night was not over as expected.
The next morning, she woke up with all her ankle very swollen, so the two Lauras of the group
and I, accompanied her to the Hospital of Graz. We spent much of the afternoon there, and
Laura P. and I had a presentation of the German subject the next day, so the restlessness was
accentuated. Finally, Inma had her foot bandaged and given effective medical treatment. And
Laura. P, the other colleagues and I did some great German presentations.
So… happy ending and one more anecdote

Design and storyline by: Angie Prat Méndez

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