Erasmus+ International Week in Sopron

Sopron (CC BY 2.0 by Paul Assmann and Jill Lenob./https://www.flickr.com/photos/pauljill/20445467346/in/photolist-x9Gn8G-weZQs3-5PuQLo-wUozv1-x9GhSh-fbPatG-fbPiEj-fbhTDn-fbP4Z5-8PhL1R-dc8XpW-gthaR2-fbyH5g-fbP993-dc8X45-dc8XuE-dc8Wxz-dc8XfB-dc8XAm-wUwE9c-fbP28E-dc8XYG-fbPe9q-dc8Xab-fbNZQo-fbyQ9z-fbP3G9-dc8XNN-dc8X7e-dc8WsF-bDXHfZ-8PjZd5-8Pkd3u-fbyRyM-wUw9Rp-wf9qSt-8PgR6a-8Ph9AB-8PjMYb-8PjUCo-dc8WcB-8PgYjR-8Ph53P-wUowkU-8Ph72t-8PgJkK-8PgT5p-8Pk1oo-4rSKAm-pZW1Js)
Sopron (CC BY 2.0 by Paul Assmann and Jill Lenob./https://www.flickr.com/photos/pauljill/20445467346/)

The Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of West Hungary (Sopron, Hungary) would like to invite all of its international partners to attend their Erasmus+ International Week between 24 – 28 April 2017.

Selection of the programs and the topics of the International Week:
tendencies and challenges in early childhood education, visits to institutes (day nursery, kindergarten, school), good practices, early multilingualism and multicultural education, inclusive and inciting education, the position and the future of teacher training, talent development, international cooperation possibilities, building relationship in and outside Europe, research collaborations, cultural and free time programs.

Within the frames of the International Week on Thursday 27 April 2017 the 10th ‘Training and Practice’ International Conference on Education will be held, where you will have the possibility to give a lecture, give a poster presentation or take part in a workshop.

 The application starts in December 2016!

Early registration until 30 November 2016:
Dr Laszlo Varga – Dean


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