Erasmus KA203 Project WAVE-IT: Working Academics Value Excellence for International Teachers

21st century learner (CC0 1.0 by Giulia Forsythe)

The Erasmus KA203 Project “WAVE-IT: Working Academics Value Excellence for International Teachers”, within the European Teacher network, aims to prepare European teachers to implement 21st century competences and skills in schools under the following objectives:

  • Development of didactical strategies for entrepreneurship.
  • Development of critical thinking strategies to support reflective practice through collaboration and communication between teachers, learners and academics.
  • Implementation of entrepreneurial and reflective competences and skills in teacher education.
  • Implementation of the strategies for education of children with higher increased learning support.

With this objective in mind, WAVE-IT encourages partner institutes to work together with primary and secondary education teachers, collaborating during different projects and activities and using the structure of the facilities of the European Teacher network.

The collaborating partners in the WAVE-IT project are the Zakladni skola Olomouc, Heyrovskeho, a primary/low secondary school, and four institutes of teacher education: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci (Czech Republic), Stichting Saxion (The Netherlands), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) and University College of Teacher Education Styria (Austria). All the members in this group work together in a collaborative and transnational environment, researching and participating to develop strategies for 21st century skills and 2020 skills for teacher education and primary and secondary schools.

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