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ESAA (Screen copy from https://vimeo.com/192371470)
ESAA (Screen copy from https://vimeo.com/192371470)

ESAA and the European Commission launch survey to understand effect of interactions between local, mobile students, and alumni in Erasmus+ programmes

Step up and transform the rich experience of mobility programmes – your voice counts!

As part of its commitment to quality mobility experience, ESAA and the European Commission are launching the survey “Internationalisation at Home, exploring the barriers and impact of interactions between local and mobile students” to provide vital feedback that will enhance the effectiveness of mobility programmes.

The survey is a collaboration between the EC, ESAA and UZ Bonn covering various aspects of interaction between local and international students. Volunteers (local and mobile students and alumni) are needed to answer the survey, this is to help several perspectives and draw new insights on this topic. The results will help in enriching mobility programmes as well as tailoring policies/interventions that enhance the experience of such programmes. We shall hence be grateful if you could share the survey link with relevant students.

For more information please visit: http://www.esaa-eu.org/nc/what-we-do/news/details/news/detail/News/119-esaa-and-the-european-commission-launch-survey-to-understand-effect-of-interactions-between-local-mobile-students-and-alumni-in-erasmus-programmes/

Or to go directly to the survey visit: https://uzbonn.de/internationalisation-at-home/


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