Erasmus+ Welcome Days in Eisenerzer Ramsau

The Erasmus students from the Summer Semester 2019 (Photo by Heiko Vogl)

From March 8th until March 10th 2019, 22 Erasmus+ students from the University College of Teacher Education Styria enjoyed a welcome weekend together in Eisenerzer Ramsau. The aim of these days was to have the opportunity to get to know each other better, as well as to exchange impressions about their first days in Graz.

The students participated in different activities during the whole weekend. Taking advantage of the magnificent snowy landscape, they could try sports such as snowshoe hiking or cross-country skiing, some of them for the first time.

Besides, there was also time to get to know each other. The students played different games in big and small groups, and they took part in the biannual snowwoman competition, in which every group had to create a snowwoman that clearly represented the nationalities of its members.

Those days in Eisenerz were also a chance to exchange views of the Erasmus experience. Therefore, the students did different activities in which they talked about their reasons to do an Erasmus, to come to Graz and how they felt so far.

To conclude the experience in that village, they also told whether they had enjoyed the weekend together, and whether these days had been useful to get to know more about the peers with whom they will live the Erasmus life during this semester.

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