eTwinning in the teacher training

Vesna Babaja (Nationalagentur Erasmus+ Bildung) und Heiko Vogl (PHSt)

eTwinning – Teacher Training Institutions Initiative (TTI)

May 27, 2019 – The University of Teacher Education Steiermark (PHSt) has been the only Austrian university invited to the eTwinning – Teacher Training Institutions Initiative (TTI) in Brussels, Belgium. The goal of the TTI is to establish eTwinning in the teacher training. eTwinning enables universities to communicate, collaborate and develop projects online.

The introductory TTI workshop was an opportunity to show concepts and models for using eTwinning in the teacher education, as well as to present successful TTI projects. During the network meetings, the first projects were already planned. Prof. Heiko Vogl MA BEd from the Institute for Diversity Studies and International Relations took part in this event as a member of the PHSt. The PHSt was supported by Vesna Babaja from the eTwinning National Support Service of the Erasmus+ Education National Agency.

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