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Universities work best in democracies, and democracies need open and engaged universities working in the service of society. Current global developments once again remind us about this and call us to affirm the civic role of universities.

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What is the role of universities in fostering active citizenship? How can universities better engage with society and the communities around them? What new ways and formats are being used, and how can they be further spread? These and many more questions will be explored in the EUA webinar “Universities and civic engagement – new ways and formats”, which will take place on 5 May, 14.00-15.00 CEST.

This webinar is the first in the EUA webinar series: Universities and democracy: how to strengthen a crucial relationship. Two more webinars will take place in June: “Fostering scientific literacy – universities and the future of science communication” (14 June) and “Contributing to evidence-based policy making – universities and science advice in times of uncertainty” (28 June).

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