Eurydice report focused on equity and inclusion in higer education.

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This Eurydice report focuses on the topic of equity and inclusion in higher education in Europe. It analyses the current level of alignment of European higher education systems with the ten ‘Principles and Guidelines agreed by all EHEA countries’ as a blueprint to take forward the commitment of improving the social dimension.

There are ten chapters, addressing each Principle. Each chapter opens with the full exposition of the relevant Principle and its accompanying Guidelines. Following that is a succinct explanation of how the particular Principles and Guidelines relate to equity, the methodological challenges that are addressed, and the choice of the indicators. Finally, the data collected is presented mostly in the form of maps. A scoreboard indicator at the end of each chapter summarises how the European countries perform based on the extent of implementation of the particular Guidelines.

This gives the reader a clear visual picture of the current level of attention in European systems to equity and inclusion in higher education. Finally, a concluding chapter recaps the main findings of the report. The report’s prime source is information on top-level regulations and policies collected from Eurydice National Units, representing 38 education systems across 36 European countries, with the academic year 2020/2021 as a reference.

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