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Education and Training Monitor 2013
Education and Training Monitor 2013

Der jährliche Bericht der Aus-, Fort- und Weiterbildung (Education and Training Monitor) untersucht die Entwicklungen in den europäischen Bildungs- und Ausbildungssysteme. Es berücksichtigt verschiedene Benchmarks und Indikatoren, sowie aktuelle Studien und die politischen Entwicklungen in den jeweiligen Ländern.

The Austrian education system needs to improve performance in order to mitigate demographic trends and the trend towards a more skills-intensive economy. Education outcomes as measured by PIRLS, TIMSS and PISA tests are below average both among 10 and 15 year olds, even though Austria’s investment in education and training for primary and secondary schools is slightly above EU average. More than one out of four young people aged 15 have poor reading skills, and results are only slightly better in mathematics. These young people face difficulties to access initial vocational education and training, which is crucial for later access to the labour market. (Quelle: Education and Training Monitor 2013 – Austria)

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