EURYDICE Report: Early Leaving from Education and Training

Publikation (Image CC 2.0 by shutterhacks)
Publikation (Image CC 2.0 by shutterhacks)

This Eurydice Brief on Early Leaving from Education and Training (ELET) shows that collectively, Member States are getting closer to the EU headline target: by 2020, the share of early leavers from education and training (aged 18-24) should be less than 10 %.

Nevertheless, ELET remains still a serious challenge in many EU countries. Even if all countries have put in place measures to fight against early leaving, only a few have so far developed a specific ELET strategy, integrating prevention, intervention and compensation measures. The report also looks at how education, career guidance and cross-sector cooperation play an important role. It covers all the EU Members States as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey – the reference year is 2013/14.
(Source https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/mwikis/eurydice/index.php/Publications:Recommended_Annual_Instruction_Time_in_Full-time_Compulsory_Education_in_Europe_2014/15)


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