Excursion in Eisenerzer Ramsau

Incomings (CC by Katharina Kamitz)
Incomings (CC by Katharina Kamitz)

The Erasmus+ incoming students from the University College of Teacher Education Styria had the possibility to spend a wonderful welcome weekend from the 7th til the 9th of October in the mountains in Eisenerzer Ramsau, in Austria.

In the wintersemester 2016/17 the University College of Teacher Education hosts a very international group about 21 students, who are from Croatia, Spain, Polen, Czech Republic, Italy Greece and Thailand. It is the first time for the University College of Teacher Education to welcome 4 students from Thailand. For all team members of the Institute of Diversity Management and International relations and for the international students is a very great experience to work together.

The students were lucky because of the weather, it didn’t rain at the important moments, so they could go for a walk around the Leopoldsteinersee and took a Hauly ride (the biggest taxi of the world) on the Erzberg. In the evenings the international team organised some workshops, where the students could get to know each other better. They were working in groups on team building exercises and showed their expectations in very interesting poster presetations.



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