Exploring Graz on foot: City walk and city hike with the incomings

Hike survivors and a beautiful view of Graz in the background © Klára Frausová
Everyone 2G affirmed

Despite these crazed times our Erasmus class remains active.

On Tuesday last week our incomings coordinator Stefan gave us a tour around the city mentioning a lot of interesting facts from the history of Graz as well as tips for where to eat or what to do in our free time. Walking the streets of the city where we have spent last month or two felt thanks to the guided tour once again so different.

Thursday afternoon was then accompanied by a hike throughout the forest on the edge of Graz. Unsuspecting and awaiting, we hit the road. The first stop came after 260 stairs in front of the baroque Mariatrost Basilica, the second stop after two hours of hiking. The weather wasn’t in favour of enjoying the landscape, but since Stefan was so kind to carry Extrawurstsemmel mit Gurkerl for all of us, the ones who overcame the tricky hills of Graz, were properly rewarded.

Both of the activities surpassed our expectations and some of us are even considering to go on the hike again only to see the expected view of our Erasmus city.

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