Fall in love with Wrocław

photo by Nina Marin


I took the bus from Vienna to Wrocław. The journey was spectacular and funny, because it was a really small bus and except me nobody was able to speak German or even English. That was the first time that I had contact with Polish people.

After seven hours we arrived in the center of Wroclaw. My study bodies Magda and Kasia picked me up and brought me to my flat. I rent a flat with eleven other Erasmus people. I have my own room and I share the kitchen and the bathroom with a really nice French girl. The living room is the meeting point for all of us. We already spend some great times there. Either we threw a party or we spend a cozy afternoon there and watched a movie together.
My university started 3 weeks ago and I really like it. Most of the courses are in English, but I also attend two courses in German and I am really astonished how good the students speak German. Sometimes we are only around seven or even less students in one class. It´s really familiar, because the teachers know the names of the students.
The heart of Wrocław is Rynek, the Market Square. I love to walk around there with friends, listen to a musician, who is playing the guitar and sings in the streets. Rynek is full of beautiful buildings, amazing cathedrals, pubs and clubs and famous restaurants, where u can eat traditional food. I already tried some polish dishes, for example Pierogi. Pierogi are filled dumplings and usually they put Sauerkraut and/or mushrooms, meat, potatoes and cheese inside.
Around the market square you found a lot of pubs and clubs. Polish people love drinking beer (biwo) and Vodka (wódka). Usually one beer or one shot of vodka cost around 4-8 złoty (1-2 euros). Especially for the Erasmus students is this heaven. I am here since three weeks and I am already felt in love with the city. I would never change my decision to go to Wrocław.

Nina Marin

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