Frequently asked questions: European Alliance for Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships (Image public domain.)
Apprenticeships (Image public domain.)

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) is a multi-stakeholder platform aiming to strengthen the supply, quality and image of apprenticeships, and also includes initiatives to improve the mobility of apprentices in Europe.
The Alliance is one of the initiatives announced in the Youth Employment Package of December 2012, and was launched at the WorldSkills event in Leipzig (Germany) on 2 July 2013.

At the launch, a Joint Declaration between the EU Presidency, the Commission and the European Social Partners was signed, acknowledging the aims of the Alliance, recognising the value and benefits of apprenticeships for youth employment, social inclusion, skills matching and economic competitiveness, stressing that apprenticeships are one of the main elements of the Youth Guarantee, and committing to concrete measures to strengthen apprenticeships.

This was followed by a Council Declaration, where Member States agreed to common guiding principles for quality apprenticeships, and individual pledges.
In addition to the European Commission and Member States, companies and business associations, chambers of commerce, industry and crafts, social partners, regional authorities, education and training providers, youth and non-profit organisations, think tanks and research institutes are part of the Alliance through pledges on strengthening the supply, quality and/or image of apprenticeships.


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