Goodbye Brussels!

Gruppenfoto (Foto von Christina Stadelmann)
Gruppenfoto (Foto von Dominik Nievoll)

After a short but very intensive semester abroad, Erasmus has now come to an end. On the one hand, leaving Brussels makes me feel a little bit sad because I am going to miss a lot of this interesting city. On the other hand, I am excited to come home again as well.

Brussels is a lovely and entertaining city with a good nightlife, an interesting history and a very, very good beer an chocolate! Due to the institutions of the European Union and its  official status of a bilingual city, Brussels is a unique city. If you are interested in those things, it is definitely worth visiting Brussels.

During the last semester, I have seen so many things but I do not know where to start. The most recent event was the visit of some very important politicians. I have never seen such an amount of police officers and soldiers. The whole city was locked up for a couple of days. However, I used the time to travel to Amsterdam and Utrecht for a few days.

Travelling was generally a big part of my Erasmus program. Belgium´s location in Europe, gave me the opportunity to discover a part of Europe which I had not seen before. It just takes you a couple of hours to go to France or the Netherlands. My trip into the Normandy in April was one of the highlights of my Erasmus program. However, travelling within Belgium was a wonderful experience too. Bruges for example was one of the most beautiful cities I´ve ever seen.

Living in Brussels was amazing. I met people from all over the world like South Africa, USA, South Korea and, of course, different countries in Europe as well. Some of them I will probably never see again but some of them have become very good friends of mine. One thing I will probably miss the most is Van Orleys, my accommodation where I lived together with the best people you could live with.

I can’t believe it but it is really is over now. I will miss a lot because it was one of the best times in my life. There is the saying: “Erasmus, it´s not a year in your life, it´s a life in one year.” This is so true! What I´ve seen in one semester could fill a whole life. Good bye Brussels! I will definitely come back again.

Dominik Nievoll

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