Graz welcomes its Erasmus students at the Minoritensaal

The Erasmus students, together with Günter Riegler, at the Minoritensaal (Photo by Marlene Grabner)

On Monday, December 16, 2019, all the Erasmus students in Graz were invited to the biannual meeting with the major of the city. Like every semester, Graz wants to welcome its international students and show them the hospitality for which the city is well-known.

Unfortunately, Siegfried Nagl, the major of Graz, could not attend the meeting this time. On his behalf, Günter Riegler welcomed everyone to the Minoritensaal, a beautiful room which used to be a dining room for the monks.

After his words, an Erasmus student from the FH Joanneum gave a speech telling everyone her reasons to do an Erasmus in Graz and how she was feeling so far.

In the end, the students enjoyed some Austrian snacks and exchanged their experiences with their fellow peers from all over the world. It was an enriching time in which it was proved how welcoming and international the city of Graz is.

Spanish and Italian students from the University College of Teacher Education Styria (Photo by Marlene Grabner)

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