IMPACT Conference

One part of the team (Picture by F. Bodrogi)
One part of the team (Picture by F. Bodrogi)

From 03-05.11.2016 the IMPACT Conference took place at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, in the Netherlands. Teachers from all over the world met and shareed their experiences.

The programme of the conference was very interesting. At the opening ceremony children were painting on boxes and they built a wall from them. They just get the word, be creative and we could watching it, what happened! Afterwards everybody could write some positive words on the wall in their own mother tongue.

The workshops were very well organised, you could get to know a lot of new things, about studying abroad, ICT, internationalisation and much more. One group visited a “Steve Jobs School”, where the children learn with Ipads and we had a guided tour in a new district of the city, what was destroyed in the year of 2000 and now everything is new and very modern.

The participant were open-minded, they could learn a lot of new things from each other. As you know, the borders are just in our mind, go abroad and leave them behind!

Thank you for Henny Oude Maatman and his team for the perfect organisation!

See you in Graz in 2018!

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