International mobility of teacher education students

Special evaluation within the framework of the Student Social Survey 2019

Newsletter (Bildquelle Tony Hegewald / pixelio.de)
Newsletter (Bildquelle Tony Hegewald / pixelio.de)

Authors: Judith Engleder and Martin Unger
February 2021

The study deals with the topic of travelling abroad by students studying at faculties or universities of education. According to the information from the questionnaires, different conclusions are reached.

At the time of the survey (Summer Semester 2019), more students of teacher education had completed a semester abroad than the average of all students, but significantly fewer had completed an internship abroad than the average for all students.

In an international comparison, Austria is one of the few countries in which student teachers complete a semester abroad more often or as often as the average.

In general, younger students are more mobile than older students (peak at 24/25 years).

Women in the teaching profession have completed semesters abroad more often than women on average.

You can read about further findings and information on this page.

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