International Staff Days 2019 at the University of Teacher Education Styria

From Wednesday 15 until Friday 17, 2019, five university teachers from the Czech Republic, England and Germany have taken part in the International Staff Days at the University of Teacher Education Styria.

During these days, the teachers have presented their universities and exchanged their opinions about what internationalisation means to them, both personally, professionally and for their universities. Furthermore, Melanie Smith and Sarah Roeschlaub, the two guests coming from Derby, have also introduced some students from the University of Teacher Education Styria to the English curriculum, in order to bring the concept of internationalisation closer and giving them the chance to see the similarities and differences with their own country.

The international guests have also enjoyed this exchange of types of education throughout the visit to Austrian schools, in which they could compare how the curriculum is implemented and broaden their knowledge of education at a European level.

Moreover, there has also been time for leisure activities to enjoy life in Graz. The guests have got to know the city with the help of an experienced tour guide, discovered the amazing Styrian food in a traditional restaurant, and enjoyed ‘Tosca’ at the Opera in Graz.

These days have been an amazing opportunity to live the concept of internationalisation first-hand and, hopefully, there will be more opportunities like this one in the upcoming years.

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  1. It was a wonderful experience and many thanks for your kind invitation to be part of International Week.

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