International Week Storytelling

Prospect (CC by Flora Bodrogi)
Prospect (CC by Flora Bodrogi)

The Haute Ecole de Namur-Liege-Luxembourg is proud to invite the students to their International Week (Comenius Association), which will be held on the 18th-21st April 2017. The Topic of the International Week is Storytelling – English as a foreign language at a primary school.

Accomodation: as far as possible with Belgian students (if not, 60 €)

Costs: bus fares (around 15 €), some meals

Language skliss: English B1

Objective: Being able to tell a story

Preparation: Short PowerPoint presentation about teaching foreign languages at (pre-)primary school in your area

ECTS: 2 credits awarded for taking part in the entire week

Contact: Chantal.muller@henallux.be / Chantal.muller110@gmail.com

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