Internship in Malta or Brussels

Praktika/Jobs (CC BY 2.0 Alan Rampton https://www.flickr.com/photos/alanramptonphotography/12922432425)
Praktika/Jobs (CC BY 2.0 Alan Rampton https://www.flickr.com/photos/alanramptonphotography/12922432425)

Internationale Erasmus+ Praktika für Studierende in Malta und Brüssel.

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Good afternoon,

Many greetings from warm and sunny Malt​a​​! I hope this email finds you well. ​We are interested in collaborating with your institution with regards to students experiencing their internship in Malta or Brussels. We already collaborate with ​various other institutions across Austria and know the market and high standards very well. We have a very good package which I am sure you and your students will appreciate and I hereby attach some information for your perusal.

Please allow me to introduce briefly our organisation. Paragon Europe has been managing a successful Internship programme through various E.U. mobility projects including Leonardo da Vinci (IVT, PLM and VETPRO) and Erasmus since 2006, acting primarily as a receiving intermediary organisation in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Program. Our organisation continuously strives to find the best placements for students to obtain the most appropriate hands-on experience during their placement in Malta.

In short Paragon Europe offers:

*  Extensive placement experience

*   Fully furnished and fully equipped student accommodation

*   Placement mentoring & monitoring

*   24 Experienced and qualified staff

*   English language courses (on demand)

*   Cultural & social programs (on demand)

Our local authorities have ensured us that we have all the different work placements and professions to offer for your students, for example: a company, a laboratory, an organization, a hospital or a hotel and much more. Thus, we find and offer your students unpaid work placements to train and practice amongst professionals for differing time periods. All your students have to do is to send us a C.V. and motivation letter telling us their main area of study and expertise and I can assure you that we will get back to them with the appropriate work placement for them. For more information you an visit our website www.paragoneurope.eu.

Malta is becoming extremely popular as a destination for internships mainly because:

*   One of Malta’s first languages is English, therefore if your students’ English is not as good, after their period in Malta I can assure you that their English will improve four-fold, whilst others will keep on improving on what they already know.

*   Malta has just been confirmed for another year to be the safest country in the world

*   Malta is very small, making your students’ mobility extremely easy.

*   Malta has a warm climate practically all year round.

*   Cheap amenities

*   7,000 years of heritage

*   Rich in History, Cultural and Entertainment centers

You might also be interested in a small get-away to our sunny Islands of Malta for a small preparatory visit or even better; a study visit which can be funded under Erasmus+ from your national agency. We will spend a day going round Maltese companies where your students might carry out their work placements in the near future.

We would like to collaborate with you within your European Mobility projects either in your already approved Erasmus+ placements projects. To help you further, we can send you a signed Letter of Intent for you to submit when you are applying for your funds. Our PIC CODE is 9​95477827.

Diane Muscat

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