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Languages (CC BY 2.0 by Horia Varlan/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/10361931@N06/4270078348/)
Languages (CC BY 2.0 by Horia Varlan https://www.flickr.com/photos/10361931@N06/4270078348/)

Are you interested in languages? Learn online fast, cheap or with a tandem? You are on the right way! Don’t forget: as many people you are, as many languages you speak!

I am Hungarian and I live in Austria. I spent my holiday in Italy and I traveled by bus back to Austria, I thought, I will just relax and listen some music, but let’s see what happened.

While I was waiting for the bus with an Italian friend of my, a guy asked us: “Do you know, from where starts the bus to Ljubljana?” We realised, we have the same bus, so it was funny, because he sat behind me and we were just talking in English during the all way.

Let me introduce Alejandro del Carpio the founder of Digital Polyglot. He is from Peru, but he is studying in Barcelona and of course he really likes to learn languages and travel a lot! Actually he was on his holiday by Inter Rail. You can see, if we couldn’t speak in English, we could never understand each other, because our mother languages are totally different. It was a pleasure to meet him!

The website of Digital Polyglot is full of interesting articles, videos and podcasts about language learning! Their mission is break down language barriers! If you like to travel, to learn new things, this is for you!

Let’s check it:

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