Learning to learn in French immersion

Liege (CC BY 2.0 by Rick Ligthelm/https://www.flickr.com/photos/ligthelm/29338345285/in/photolist-LGwFVp-LQazvE-Avixz-stgdey-tpZJVd-duSvcT-tzMoSL-tFwKAi-pUoSUw-pWjCVa-pEa2BC-9DtrY9-sJAbia-tBPiXA-tBPi7C-pEa8Nq-pE8dsB-pWuvTD-pE4F1B-pWCdY7-oZHeWS-pE4WUa-tqh7AZ-tpZJx9-sAsYve-sAsYCi-pE4UwV-tfGf3N-pE9Xnq-pWCsZ3-pWuqta-pE9Veh-pWCr5m-pEaiUC-tzMobq-pWuk3F-oZLejn-tFwKxx-tfGeP1-fj1BfJ-pWuiSp-fj1B5N-9GpTs5-pWjWaR-pE4Yr8-pWupNx-pWjTvH-wwcs8d-qfeAJv-qUsNS1)
Liege (CC BY 2.0 by Rick Ligthelm/https://www.flickr.com/photos/ligthelm)

If you are a teacher trainee for pre-primary, primary or lower secondary school and you are fluent in French, than please don’t hesitate, just go and study 1 semester or 1 year with Erasmus+ at HELMo!

Content: courses, school placement

Language: French with Belgian students


  • autumn semester (30 ECTS) September 7 – January 27
  • spring semester (30 ECTS) January 30 – June 23


  • psychology and pedagogy
  • didactics
  • written and oral French
  • school placement
  • specific subjects

Accomodation: student rooms, student residences, youth hostel


  • HELMo Saint-Roch, Theux
  • HELMo Sainte-Croix, Liege
  • HELMo Huy
  • HELMo Loncin


  • Martine Wilmots: m.wilmots@helmo.be
  • Francoise Baijot: f.baijot@helmo.be

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