LET’S CEE Film Festival – This time I’m voting

LET’S CEE Film Festival Logo (Wikipedia)

Considering the upcoming European elections, the European Commission in Austria, together with the LET’S CEE Film Festival, invite youngsters and adults to watch some short films in different cinemas in Austria.

The short films shown will be from award-winning European directors regarding young people and their rights and opportunities in the EU. After the projection of the films, there will be time to discuss their content with some guests, with the aims of gaining a better understanding of the EU, as well as awareness regarding the importance of voting on May 26, 2019.

The screenings will take place in every state on May 9 (In Vienna they will also be projected on May 10). The entrance will be free, but a registration is required: https://www.youth-cinema.eu/euandme-anmeldung.html

For more information about the LET’S CEE Film Festival: https://www.youth-cinema.eu/euandme-info.html

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